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About this Website . Throughout the many years this website has been neglected but StarInMyPocket has been my website since I was young so I could never just let it go. I am active in many places so I decided it would be most useful as a portal to wherever you can find me. 

About Me . My real name is Sarah though I am known by Star by friends and online. My personal artwork gets signed as Stargirl while my main username online is StarMasayume (Stargirl is always taken and I liked that "masayume" can mean dreams come true).

 I've had a high interest in art since a young age, but discovering anime when I was 12 and digital art when I was 14 started me on this artsy journey of mine. Though I have always kept with the Japanese anime style as my personal style and preference, I have gained experience in many mediums, illustration work, murals, and caricatures. Currently I am a freelance artist, doing everything from freelance projects, caricatures, and personal commissions, and can usually be found at a couple Florida anime conventions each year. You can usually check my Etsy page, Deviantart, or updates on Facebook for which cons I'll be going to!

Digital Tools of the Trade: Painter + Photoshop + Intous4 Tablet / Cintique

Traditional Mediums: Prismacolor Stix (caricatures) + Prismacolor / Copic Markers + Acrylics

Random Stuff . I was homeschooled in my teen years and enrolled into community college when I was 16. After my AA degree I took a two year commercial art class under a wonderful teacher. I am a Christian and my faith means a lot to me. I am a total and hopeless geek and bookworm for life. I am studying Japanese. As a side hobby I also enjoy writing fanfiction and editing Anime Music Videos. I also keep a profile on MyAnimeList if you'd like to keep track of what anime interests me.


StarInMyPocket.net and all Artwork Sarah Ellen Cheney